Our Process

We ship basil 7 days per week so you get your basil when you need it.

Our Processing Method

Ordering / Harvesting / Packaging

When ordering basil and /or betel leaf, please allow two days from the time of order before the products reach your destination. If orders are placed in the morning, day 0 is spent harvesting the products and storing them overnight in our cooler where the temperature is maintained between 50 °F - 55 °F to prepare for shipping.

Boxing Betel Packaging Betel

Temperature Controlled Storage / Boxing

Day 1 is spent packing the basil in clear 1 lb film bags. Twenty (20) 1 lb. film bags are gently packed in a box, with the top of the film bags left open inside the box. The boxes are taped closed and stored in our cooler until shipping.

Packing Basil Boxing Basil


From day 1 to 2 is the transit time. We ship via any one of the major airlines to cities where there is a cooler at the cargo area of the airlines. The basil will arrive in the morning of the following day for cities where direct flights exist from Honolulu. For cities where there are no direct flights, the basil will arrive in the late afternoon or early evening of the following day.

The airlines will store the basil in their cooler until you are able to pickup your shipment.

Custom Cuts

Custom Cut Basil

Our standard length for basil is 12" - 14" as measured from the top of the leaf to the bottom of the stem. If you require a specific length, we can cut the basil to your specifications. However additional costs may apply.

Have Your Order Shipped In 2 Days

We harvest and process your basil only after you order it
We ship to anywhere in the US or foreign country where a major airline has a cooler at the airport.