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Taro, also known as Dasheen, is the a tradional staple of the native Hawaiian and Fijian cuisine. Some of the uses include poi, table taro (steamed and seved like a potato), taro chips, and luau leaf (to make Hawaiian laulau). Our Hawaii farm is ideal for growing taro products.

Taro Leaf

Hawaii Taro Leaf

Taro leaf is farmed under dryland or wetland conditions. Our Hawaii farm grows in dryland conditions. We currently ship Fresh taro leaf to many cities of USA and many cities of Canada.

Taro Stems

Taro Stem is native to South India and Southeast Asia, and is a root vegetable eaten in many different cultures around the world. It's a rich history. Taro stems are tough and spongy, ranging in color from white, yellow, lilac-purple and pink to reddish. Taro stems are a must-have ingredient for making yukgae jang, and they are often used in soup and stir-fry dishes. Taro stem is available both fresh and dried. Taro stems are known to be a great source of calcium and fiber, and low in calories. They contain vitamins A and B6, and minerals such as thiamin, copper, potassium, niacin, zinc, and iron. They should not be consumed raw because that is toxic.

We grow and supply Hawaii with taro stems and leaves. We currently ship our taro products to many cities of the US and Canada.

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